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BREAKING NEWS! Iron Land Stone has struck a deal with an Italian company to fabricate our stone, this makes Banded Taconite and our other 22 different types of stone available for Home Owners, Architects, and Builders to use at an affordable cost. We have come to a finished slab price at $35.00 a square foot at 3CM thick for the Banded Taconite. We must cut an entire block with a minimum 2300 square feet produced to sell at this price. If you want it but not that amount of square footage, we are now putting together others in the same position and once we have the required amount, they/you will be notified of the time your order will be completed and back in the USA. Contact us and submit your questions, Thank You. Go to our Tumblr page by clicking on this link to view High Definition pictures of our stone.
  Our granite 's and native Iron Range stone will not lose their lustre or value with time because of it's superior hardness that will remain a beautiful lasting finish to your Banded Taconite.
 Unpolished the Banded Taconite is a mesmerizing green and charcoal swirling collage that draws you into it's look of infinity, easily matched for building cladding. Contact us at or call 218-866-0582 For Pricing & Informatiuon

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