Iron Land Stone Company
 Our supplier
 produces Brazilian granite 's that are World renowned for their quality and beauty. Our Brazilian Granite is Finished in Brazil, not China, it is a High Polish, not sealed with a lesser polish enhancer. What does this mean; the sealer is added to compensate for a sub-standard polish.  Our granite 's and native Iron Range stone will not lose their lustre with time but will remain a beautiful lasting finish to your Banded Taconite & Stromatolite Fossilized Stone from Minnesota's Iron Range; This stone has the polished colors of the base minerals of the Universe's creation itself, Quartzite, Red & Green Jaspers, Calcite & Hematite.
 Unpolished it is a mesmerizing green and charcoal collage that draws you into it's look of infinity, easily matched for building cladding. Call 218-866-0582 For Pricing & Informatiuon

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