Iron Land Stone Company
BREAKING NEWS! Iron Land Stone has struck a deal with an Italian company to fabricate our stone, this makes Banded Taconite and our other 22 different types of stone available for Home Owners, Architects, and Builders to use at an affordable cost. (WE ARE SEEKING INVESTORS TO BUILD A STATE OF THE ART FABRICATION FACILITY  TO BE LOCATED ON THE IRON RANGE THAT WILL REPLACE THE HUNDREDS OF JOBS LOST FROM THE IRON ORE BUSINESS COLLAPSE, OUR FACILITY WILL CREATE GREEN/SUSTAINABLE BUILDING PRODUCTS THAT WILL LAST FOR CENTURIES. Please go to SAMEPAGE.IO and use my personal Email and use the password GREENITE1 to access the investor information, the video is FANTASTIC!) Contact us with any questions. Please pan down the page to review three examples of our stone, we have over 22 different types of dimensional stone unseen in the Architectural World.
  Contact us at or call 218-866-0582 For Pricing & Informatiuon

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