Iron Land Stone Company
BREAKING NEWS! Iron Land Stone has struck a deal with another stone company to fabricate our stone in the interim while we build our own state of the art robotic fabrication facility, this makes Banded Taconite, Granites and our other 22 different types of new stone available for Architects, Infrastructure Builders and City Builders to use at an affordable cost right now. With our new facility we can produce a polished slab of stone for building cladding and counter tops at dimensions of seven foot by twelve foot every three minutes, making us competitive worldwide. Think on that, we will produce (84) eighty four square feet of either 2CM - 3CM
thick slabs EVERY THREE MINUTES! We can supply the World's largest building projects with their required dimensional stone products needed to complete their projects and with the expected new national infrastructure projects we have the ability to supply those road builders with all the aggregate they will need that will be sourced from the mountains of overburden left over from the iron ore mining.
 Stephen De Long the CEO of Iron Land Stone Company has spoken to local National banking representatives as to the possibility of them investing in this venture, one has offered $8.5 Million if we can bring in private cash investor/investors. This is great news for a potential private investor for if the banks feel that we are a great deal, it is. If you are an investor please join us as a partner for what will be a the largest stone company in the world that will operate for centuries, while creating GREEN/SUSTAINABLE building products with no creation of pollution.
  Please go to SAMEPAGE.IO and use my personal Email and use the password GREENITE1 to access the investor information, the future fabrication facility video is FANTASTIC!) Contact us with any questions. Please pan down the page to review three examples of our stone, we have over 22 different types of dimensional stone unseen in the Architectural World and of course our black, green and red Granites. We have the hardest stone in the World which was created by the intense compression from glaciers of the last ice age.

  Contact us at or call 218-866-0582 For Pricing & Informatiuon

International Suppliers

All of our suppliers are of the highest quality producers. We have Brazilian Granite's which is superior in hardness and it's natural movement in it's composition and our Turkish Quartz and Marble is very new and exciting. First you will see the Turkish sample pictures and then the Brazilian. The Turkish; What you are seeing are shards of grey marble surrounded (encapsulated) in clear onyx, it is as if you are looking at a picture of an asteroid belt, backlit it's use is unlimited and FANTASTIC! The others are intertwining mineral baths of onyx and marble, looking like clouds. These are new and exciting. The Brazilian; What can one say about Brazil's granite's, they are the flow of natural mineralization frozen in time, each piece distinct from the other but each flowing from one piece to the other as in nature.
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