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Iron Land Stone was founded by Stephen DeLong/CEO, he has over 17 years in the stone industry and has contacts Worldwide with producers of natural stone products. We are located on the Iron Range of Minnesota  where America's steel came from that was used to build America. Stephen while visiting a mine realized the immense potential in the stone that was removed as waste to mine the iron ore as the future the Iron Range.

Our Fantastic Stone

The above picture is of Banded Taconite, it is made up of all of the minerals that make up the Earth's composition. It like all of our over 22 different types of stone is extremely hard, this was caused by the last ice age.

The Iron Range is a very unique geological story, we have stone that is over 3.4 billion years old and we have a supply of over 500,000 acres of Black Granite, black granite is the most used stone in the World of construction. 


The World is heading towards a new Golden Age, in Asia there are plans in the works to build cities for business only. Think on that, cities being built for business only applications in preparation for a World working together and Iron Land Stone will be their supplier. Gensler, the number one architecture company in the World is at the forefront of this design revolution. https://www.gensler.com/projects  

Iron Land Stone Company is seeking financing through equity or a partnership to build a new stone fabrication facility that will produce fantastic stone building products and create great paying jobs.

 Our facility will be a state of the art CNC Robotic facility that is capable of producing 33,600 square feet of slabs per day. This will allow our company to compete with any other producer in the World in cost and being that our products quality will be second to none. In the interim while our facility is being built, we will be shipping blocks of stone to Italy to our partner facility, where they will produce our polished building products during our construction. We have made this arrangement by offering them distribution of our products in Europe.The Iron Range has thousands of acres of mining waste stone that can entirely supply America's coming infrastructure projects, which would clean up the waste piles and supply a superior class five.

 We have identified 22 different types of stone on our quarries that is of dimensional stone use quality that has never been seen in architecture and with over 7 granite colors, with 500,000 acres of  Black Granite the most widely used color in the World. There are over 1.2 Million Acres of usable raw Stone.
 We are seeking Investors/Partners in building the largest stone company in the World.

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